LAMU WATER. 18/3/2020

LAWASCO has put several precaution measures on COVID-19.We have stopped all water disconnections until further notice.Meanwhile we are requesting anyone whose meter have been disconnected to visit our offices for free re-connection. However our water production have gone down due to too many blackouts that have critically affected our water production.Our wells are scattered about 7kms and whenever a black out occurs the contactors trip and our operators have to travel to reset them.If we have 5 black outs in a day it becomes very tedious work and many hours of water pumping are lost.Thank you.


H.E. the Governors’ launched Household Water connection project for Faza Kizingitini, Rasini, Siyu, Kiunga, Mkokoni, Kiwayu, Ndau. He targets more than 3000 Household water connection for both Faza and Kiunga Wards. Community have appreciated the huge step that H.E. the Governors has taken towards implementation of the projects and to eliminate lack of water in Lamu East Sub-county.


Lawasco Team Leo imeendelea na kazi ya kurekebisha mifereji ya maji kama ilivyo wajibu.

Hapa wanarekebisha mifereji ya maji yakuvuka bahari kwenda Ras kitau.

Mungu ibariki Lawasco.