Requirements for applying for Water connection

New Connection-the customer visit any of our offices and make his request at the customer care desk, he will be furnished with the relevant documents required for one to apply for a new connection which is are as follows;

Domestic application:
  1. Copy of ID/valid passport
  2. Copy of Pin Certificate
  3. Two passport sizes
  4. copy of Title deed/Lease or Sale Agreement OR if the client does not have a title he provides a written letter from the local Assistant Chief/Chief as a confirmation of his residence.
Corporate applicant:
  1. Pin certificate
  2. Certificate of Incorporation or Introduction letter from the relevant department (mainly for Government offices)
  3. Passport copies/IDs for Directors (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer)
  4. Title deed or Sale agreement.
Re-connection of account

In case of reconnection of account, the procedure(requirements) is shown below.

  • Clearance of the outstanding bill payment via M-Pesa or Equity
  • Payment of reconnection fee( ksh. 1000) at any Equity Agent, Equity Bank or KCB Bank offices near you.

The reconnection of accounts is usually done on the next day unless if its a weekend or holiday.