Water scarcity to the villages in Lamu East have been a decade problem they usually depend on rain water harvesting storing the water in a traditional underground water tanks known as Djabia. Lamu county government puts an effort in finding a solution for the recurring water scarcity by allocating budget for water projects in Lamu East. Faza and Siyu civilians are mostly fishermen and livestock keeping. The projects for both Faza & Siyu villages consists of construction of Steel Elevated Tank 24M high, construction of 50M3 Sump tank and pipeline construction for household connections. A desalination plant is installed by Kenya Red cross at Faza where water will be desalinated and distributed to the villagers. The two projects were officially launched on 13th March 2020 the HE Fahim Yassin Twaha the governor of Lamu County.

Faza town is situated on north Coast of Pate Island. The locals are fisherman and farmers. They mainly harvest rain water to their traditional water storage known as Djabia. The annual rainfall for Faza is about 837mm that cannot serve a population of 3,348 a need for an alternative supply of water was needed. Thus the county Government of Lamu recommended Lamu water to undertake a feasibility study on October 2018 for both villages in Pate Island to identify a possible solution and to connect household connections. Vumbe was found to have sand dunes that can provide fresh water. Bill of quantity for Faza village was prepared for construction of 14.948Km pipeline, construction of 50m3 sump tank and construction of 24m steel elevated tank. The work was tendered and Yuaf Agencies Limited won the contract. The site was handed over to the contractor on 3rd March 2020 and the project was officially launched by HE Fahim Yassin Twaha The governor of Lamu County.


1.Steel elevated tank 24M high Foundation 1500mm x 1500mm to a depth of 2700mmA square of 1500mm x 1500mm foundation to a depth of 2700mm was excavated for the erection of the steel tankFoundation concrete work is complete.Fabrication and erection of 24m high steel tank is complete.Painting, piping works for the Tank and Testing of tank for leakages is on-going.
2.Sump tank 50M3 Construction of Sump Tank is complete. The tank is filled with water to enhance further curing.
3.Pipeline constructionA total length of 14,968m is excavated, 3’’, 2’’, 1’’, ¾’’ pipes distributed jointed and backfilled as at 15th June, 2020.Construction of valve chambers and interconnection chambers is on-goingAll materials for construction were on site.  
LAMU WATER. 18/3/2020